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Here at Adage Credit Ltd we want to give our customers the best experience and results as possible

Personal loans done quickly and easily. 

Introducing Adage Credit Products

All loans are subject to proof of identity, address and affordability.
Customers must be over 18.

Introducing Adage Credit Products

All loans are subject to proof of identity, address and affordability.
Customers must be over 18.

Introducing Adage Credit Products

All loans are subject to proof of identity, address and affordability.
Customers must be over 18.


Quick & Easy Loan Approvals

5,000K Customers Satisfied

No Prepayment or Hidden Fees

instant short term and personal loans

Instant decision

NO Paperwork and easy to apply

NO Paperwork and easy to apply for short term loans

Reasons to use Adage Credit Loans

Take a look at some of the things that make us different to the services


Borrow between £100 - £10,000


We compare loans for you instantly


No hidden costs or fees


No paperwork


Fill in one simple online form


Same day cash loans


Apply 24 hours a day


100% No obligation on small loans

Why Choose Us

“Adage Credit believes that you can achieve the dream carefully and in a measured manner by starting small.”
By Solomon Mela – Adage Credit founder 2010

No Hidden Fees

Less Documents

Specialist Team

Simple Loan Process

Our loans are available to UK residents only aged 18 and over. Applications subject to an affordability assessment.

Fill out information about yourself

i.e. personal details, bank information, income and expenditure

Speak to an adviser who will call you

One of our loan managers will call you to discuss your application and help you to complete it

Get your loan

If approved we will release the funds directly into your designated bank account

Repay your loan

Repayment are collected either on Weekly, Fortnightly, Four-Weekly or Monthly basis via Direct Debit from your bank account.


To be eligible to apply for a little Loans short term loans, you must:


Be Over 18


Be A UK Resident


Have a regular Income


Have an income paid directly into your bank


Have a Bank Account with a Debit Card

If you answered yes to all of the above, you are eligible to apply for a loan with us today. If you’re still not sure, try our Eligibility Checker without affecting your credit rating by clicking our Get your quote.

Who is Adage Credit?

At Adage Credit, we can provide a personal loan in the UK at a time when you need it the
most. We know there’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have the cash to pay for
unexpected bills or an essential repair. Certain financial emergencies can’t be avoided,
which is why we offer quick short term loans to all types of borrowers.
Whilst other lenders may spend time making their judgements based on your credit history,
we know that sometimes you need the cash fast. Our quick and easy quotations can tell you
how much you can borrow without affecting your credit score. Take control of your financial
dilemma with quick and easy credit.

Accessible, Quick loans on your Terms.

Adage Credit has successfully supported thousands of clients to meet their financial needs
with reliable and accessible credit. If you need instant access to cash and are confident that
you have the means to repay your loan, you could benefit from our incredible rates. Access
manageable credit from a trusted lender today.
➔ Borrow between £100 and £1000 for up to 12 months.
➔ Choose how long you want to borrow for, starting from 4 weeks.
➔ No Hidden Fees. Only pay back the amount you have agreed to.
Whilst we do offer quick cash with minimal credit requirements, our personal loans are not
the same as payday loans. Their extreme interest rates are expensive to pay back in such a
short amount of time. Alternatively, our short term loans are quick and easy to obtain and
can be paid back over a period of up to 12 months. Access fair and fast finance whenever
you need it.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get an Adage credit personal loan with a bad credit score?
A: Although we still consider your current income and ability to repay our short term loans,
your application won’t be considered solely based on your credit history. We understand how
challenging it can be to meet financial demands, which is why we make our decision based
on a number of other factors. Instead, we’ll consider how much you are requesting to
borrow, how long your repayment schedule is and the total repayment amount. This will help
us decide whether the amount you have requested is achievable in that time period.

Q: Am I still eligible for short term loans without a guarantor?
A: It isn’t essential for our borrowers to have guarantors as we understand this can hinder
the accessibility of our loans. Our eligibility requirements determine that borrowers should be
18 years of age, a UK resident and have a mobile number and banking account that credit
can be paid into. Your credit decision will instead be made based on your borrowing request
and these criteria.

Q: Does borrowing from Adage Credit affect my credit score?
A: Receiving your personal loan quotation will not affect your credit score, meaning you can
compare our rates before completing your application. However, missing payments once you
have received a loan from us can detrimentally affect your credit rating. This means it is
crucially important to choose a repayment plan that you can afford, or contact our team if
you fall into hardship. Nevertheless, our loans can also positively impact your credit score.
Consistent, timely repayments will demonstrate that you are a reliable borrower, improving
your ability to receive credit in the future.


Our business is built upon the relationships we develop with our customers.

I am very grateful to Adage for their help and support over the years. They are a very friendly, helpful and responsible lender who have a” can do” approach but also bear in my clients individual requirements and circumstances. 

They also respond to any communication very quickly. I would absolutely recommend this company as a lender to anyone seeking a loan. 

Thank you for your help. 

BH From London

Our Client

Highly recommend. Extremely helpful and supporting all the way through the process, 

we are extremely thankful for making this happen for us.

Mrs M Geena

Our Client

I can highly recommend the overall service. gave the best offer and sorted everything for me on a very professional basis. Cannot praise them enough.

Miss P Nadege

Our Client

Massive thanks to all at for finding me a very competitive loan. 

Incredibly helpful throughout the whole process.

Mrs K Arlette

Our Client