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Responsible lending

Adage Credit is committed to lending responsibly throughout our lending process and we take our obligation to treat you in a fair and respectful manner very seriously.

Adage Credit is committed to responsible lending and the following information is designed to assist you in finding help and managing any financial difficulties that you might find yourself in.

Please feel free to contact our customer care on 020 77332293 with any questions.

What can you expect from Adage credit

Affordable Repayments

Adage credit assesses the sustainable affordability of every loan prior to entering into regulated credit Agreement (Based on our assessment of affordability). We look at every customer individually. We listen to you, consider your current financial situation and establish how much you can afford to repay before making a lending decision. The loan we offer is tailored to your life and needs in terms of repayment amount, repayment frequency, repayment method, and repayment duration.

Transparent Products

Adage Credit works hard to ensure that your loan is explained in full, highlighting the risks as well as the benefits in an open and transparent manner so that you are fully aware of the terms of your agreement. We are open about any costs so that there are no hidden fees or charges. You know how much you will repay before committing to the loan. No surprises! We will not charge you any late fees either.

Respectful, Non-Judgmental Service in your language

Adage credit is fully dedicated to serving our customers in a respectful and friendly manner at all times. Our employees are committed to understanding your point of view and circumstances and will treat every customer in a non-judgemental and empathetic way.
Our dedicated teams are always available to discuss any difficulties that you might encounter when repaying your loan, for example, if your personal circumstances have changed. We promise to act in a professional and considerate way and will work with you to find a solution.

Your Data is Safe!

Adage Credit ensures that all your data is safe in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the Data Protection Act 1998 and other data protection laws all personal information is handled securely and in confidence.

If You Feel Dissatisfied

Adage credit continually monitor our staff to ensure that you always receive polite, professional and timely handling of any queries or complaints you may have. We aim to resolve all complaints fairly as set out in our Complaints Policy.


This is what we ask of our customers

It is important that you provide us with accurate and complete information during the loan application. We will use this information to establish the affordability of your loan and to make a decision about the loan amount, so it’s important that the information is 100% right.
We ask you to read all the contractual documents that we provide to you before agreeing to the loan and to ask questions if you are unclear about any aspect of it. Please, feel also free to contact us if you have any questions later regarding the loan.
Please be honest with yourself and us when looking at your weekly, fortnightly or monthly budget. You and us have to feel confident that you can afford the repayments of the loan you like.
After taking the loan, please take time to regularly review your financial commitments. If anything has changed and you might find it difficult to meet your repayments please contact us at the earliest opportunity. Our friendly staff will discuss this and can make specific arrangements to support you through this time.


What to do if you experience financial difficulty

Adage Credit understands that our customers experience unexpected changes in their financial situation from time to time which may make paying back their loans difficult. We aim to provide support to our customers and if this does affect you the following information is designed to help you.
Shorter and midterm loans are not designed to cover long-term financial difficulties and therefore if you cannot meet your repayments do not take out additional loans. This will put you into a debt cycle and will make it even harder for you to get back on track.
It is important to be honest with yourself if you find yourself in financially difficulties. Please contact us immediately if you do not believe you will be able to meet the repayment of your loan, so we can work out a solution together. If you do not make us aware and you default on your loan you will not incur additional charges.
To stay on top of your finances, we recommend that you regularly review your budget by listing all your bills, loans and other expenditures including credit cards and comparing this against your income. We all spend money on non-essential items and you should try to reduce your spending by prioritising on what is important such as rent, council tax, heating, and child support/maintenance payments.

If appropriate, you may want to think about contacting people who can help you, this could be family and friends or any of the independent financial advisors listed below. Some unions and employers offer confidential counselling services to employees.

Organisations offering free debt advice

We recommend that you contact the following organisations in the event of severe financial difficulties. All of these offer free advice and may be able to help you.

National Debtline – a free, confidential and independent telephone helpline for debt problems. or on Freephone 0808 808 4000 (England, Wales, and Scotland)
Advice UK – a network of independent advice-providing organisations. Telephone 020 7469 5700, or visit

Money Advice Service – free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services is available by contacting the Money Advice Service.

Citizens Advice Bureau – a network of local offices offering free, confidential independent advice – (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), or (Scotland)

Christians Against Poverty – free advice with local networks or tel 01274 760720

Step Change Debt Charity – For debt advice throughout the UK phone 0800 138 1111 or visit

Credit Action or Tel 0207 380 3390

Payplan – funded by the credit industry but is impartial and deals with all creditors. or Tel 0800 280 2816

How To Apply?

  1. CALL Adage credit TODAY

    To book your appointment with our Loan Manager, once booked we will need to see certain documents.

  2. Meet your Loan Manager (Face-to-face meeting)

    One of our loan Managers will sit with you to discuss your loan and fill in application.

  3. Get your loan

    If approved we will release the funds directly into your designated bank account

  4. Repay your loan

    Repayments are collected either on Weekly, Fortnightly, Four-Weekly or Monthly basis via Direct Debit from your bank account.

APR Representative example:

£200 Loan repayable over 24 week;
24 weekly payments of £13.33;
Rate of interest 86.7% p.a. fixed;
Representative 731.7.6% APR;
Total amount payable is £320